Saturday, July 31, 2010

Intresting Buildings


Rashtrapati Bhavan - India's Presidents Home

White House - Washington, D.C. - U.S. Presidents home.

Opera House - Sydeny

Pyramids - Egypt

Buildings around us

lighthouse-This is a lighthouse. Lighthouses send a bright light out to sea to help sailors see their way in the dark.


Some intresting bulidngs

hut-This house is made from wood and has a straw roof. It is a traditional Native American Indian hut. It is built on stilts high above the ground.

Elephant Building

sanfrancisco-These houses are called the ‘Painted Ladies’ because of their colours. They are in San Francisco in America.


barcelona-This building is called ‘La Pedrera’ and was designed by one of Spain’s most famous architects. It is in Barcelona in Spain.
Library of Congress

Library from africa

Buildings around us

University of Mumbai

Panchyat Ghar

Buildings around us

alaska log house post office


Buildings around us

Metro Station in Delhi

Concieved design of a New Railway Station In Navi Mumbai

Friday, July 23, 2010



Scientists have detected carbon buckyballs - the largest molecules ever seen in space - in a cloud of cosmic dust surrounding a distant star.

The football-shaped carbon molecules are known as buckyballs, and were only discovered on Earth 25 years ago when they were made in a laboratory.

The public have the chance to name a new species - at a price

This new species of fossil spider has been discovered by arachnid expert Dr David Penney of the University of Manchester, UK.

Dr Penney, who once discovered the world's oldest known spider encased in amber, is now offering the public a chance to provide the scientific names for these new species. However, the opportunity comes at a price.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Role Play - Clothing

Hi friends...!

So this was or rather this is our topic in E.E. on Clothing. WE learned few types of the fibres and saw the exapmples of clothes or other articles made from this fibres in the form of Role play.

In this activity students had to write a small script thinknig that they themselves are that fibre then enact the same. They had to give information to their friends about themselves. Audience (Other students) asked them few questions, all of them answered nicely. We have more acting stars to come playing other fibres and after that few more characters from the clothing industry; So watch out for them...