Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who is the best groomed student in your (5-C) Class?

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Healthy Breakfast options

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Hi friends...!

Let us see what do we mean by health

"A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".

WHO (World health Organization)

infirmity - Small problems of health like occasional headache or a sprain.

Health and hygiene

Hi friends...!

Since we are doing Health and Hygiene, Just a reminder there are related activities that I had already placed. Just go to Archives for the month of June on the right hand side...


Friday, August 13, 2010

Proud to be an Indian

Hi! Friends...!!!

"Independence day" is day after tomorrow. I just wanted to share an Incident... I met this french women working in France civil services (Like we have in India IAS) as we shared same interest and love for wildlife, we started speaking on the topic. She and her husband had just been to Africa and shared some pictures with me, I Appreciated the snaps she and her husband had taken and I shared my views that how mesmerizing the savannas are etc...

The reply that i got and the conversation then followed was like this...

Hi, Yes Southern Africa is an incredible place; But be carefull, once you went there you can't think anything else that going back again & again & again ...
I heard India was not that bad & I'd like to explore it too somedays ; I bet it's quite different from Paris & Europe !
Did you meet a lot of people threw the wildlife groups ?
Maybe We'll see your face in the future ?

Hi..Well...Definitely its completely different from Europe & paris...Its different world altogether..well, u see whole of europe,America, some eastern countries like japan, korea etc...have become quite similar to each other...they all have skyscrapers,lot of lights @ night..honkong is trying to b LA of south asia...In that India though has all the stuffs but maintains its uniqueness...

Allow me to let u introduce my country...Well we have the highest mountain picks on the north-east side...& sun sand dunes on the west side....Lovely beaches @ goa, kerela etc...forests @ western ghats with great no. of spp....Lovely Tea fields in the south...Mangroove forest @ mumbai,Tigers @ sunderban,khana etc...Lion @ gir...Cheetalh @kanha....In mumbai only we have more no. of butterfly than whole of the U.K...Then aquatic life @ sindhudurg, andaman.. Ohh I can go on & on...well a great traveler has said, "If u want to see India properly u got to spend at least 6 months..."
Of course i have not even talked about the festivals (Holi, Diwali etc) & palaces (Umed bhavan, Hawa mahal etc) & all....saving it for some other time.... I tried to give a sneak peek...
& yes..I adore...europe & paris...They r just awesomely beautiful...I got nothing against europe or paris...any country for that matter...I would like to explore them all....they all would have many things to offer..
See you...



I appreciate your great description about your country & certainely will come to visit as soon as my husband & I will be able to take a 6 months break !

It's in french but please, tell me what you think about these places :
" http://www.viesauvage.fr/in-tena.html
Des parcs exceptionnels : le parc de Corbett : lieu de naissance du "Tiger Project", le parc de Kaziranga où résident les derniers rhinocéros indiens unicornes, et le parc de de Gir, dernier refuge du Lion d'Asie."


Let's keep in touch, even if work & life may autorize me to answer with some delays sometimes ???

Tell me more about you, where you live, what you do & want to do ...
INDE - VIE SAUVAGE - Voyage en Inde
Jour 2 Delhi - Jabalpur Matinée ...

Hope you people understood what I wanna say...

"Proud to be an Indian"