Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wild life safari's and birding...

So holidays are on and many of you must be planning for safari's and all. We have arrivals of some beautiful birds like flamingo's, Australian ducks and later period Siberian goose etc... flocking over so i thought let me share this information with you....

1. Buy the very best you can afford. Lower priced models disappoint you in the long run and then force you to go for a costly one. So, be wise and buy the very best you can afford.

2. Higher magnification is not equel to better binocs. First decide what you are going to use it for. 8X40, 10X50 are good specs. I find the larger the maginication, the steadier hand you need. At my age, I have come to rely on my Pentax 8X42 HR II most frequently. Any thing below 7X is of little value for birding

3. When you see the specifications of a pair of binocs, pay special attention to the exit pupil. Exit pupil is the result you get when you divide the second set of figures (the one on the right of the X mark)with the first. For example in 8X40 the exit pupil would be 40/8 = 5. The larger the figure of the exit pupil the brighter the subject as seen in the binocular. Anything below 3.5 would give you unsatisfactory image clarity and brightness.5 is the best, though 4 would also do..

4. There are two main types of optical binoculars. The room Prism type and the Porro Prism type. The porro prism type is the classical one with 'dog leg' shape for each eye piece. They have eye pieces close by and then half way through the scope to the objective lens there is a sudden outward tuen called the dog leg. On the other hand, modern roof prisms are straight and thinner. They are generally lighter and better protected against water, dust, etc. They are lighter too. Obviously they are more expensive. Olympus, Nikon, Pentax and Fujinon are available in India. Unless we are talking of BIG MONEY, these brands are all good. Expect to spend anything from 3.5K to 40K in India. For 15-20 K one should be able to pick up a very good pair binoculars.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Praise for Skeleatal system presentation...

Hi everyone...!

Thought let me share the praise done for presentation that we have used...


Thank you very much for the presentation. I have extensively searched the internet for presentations on the skeletal system and this is by FAR the best.
I am using this presentation for our Year 7 in PHD (Personal health and Development). I am also doing the muscular systems you wouldn’t have a muscular system presentation as well? I would love to hear more about the activities you use as well.

Thank you for sending me the presentation,

Kind regards,

Chris Davies
Sheldon College
Brisbane Australia

Yes, this is fantastic. I teach children in Australia and this is just so interesting and detailed that the children would love it. Could you also email it to me if possible please…
- GailPunzalan

awesome! Anyway you could send it to my email? I found it super helpful!
- Jennfarr(Medical student,USA)

thanks to you but could you please d send me a copy to my e- mail. thanks in advance
- Dr. Noura El Tahawy, Dr. at Faculty of Medicine

Friday, March 25, 2011

Some of your's thoughts about Science Club...

Arvita: i just loved it

maitri doshi: it is fascinating and dna was good. it is wonderful , makes mind fresh after studies

snigdha varma: science club is very interseting n fun 2 do ! bath bombs n the volcana are my personal favourites

Harshit Arora: i love it nd we all have so much fun

Shlok: hey sir,we all want science club in 8th too.It was too much of fun this year and my fav project was water turbine n conversion of energy,i love science club cuz we gt 2 do projects on on physics,chemi n bio,n itz fun too

Thursday, March 10, 2011

5th std...

Those students who were absent on the day of project that is 9th march and are coming to school tomorrow, will do their project tomorrow (11-03-11) or on 14th... do not prolong it..

writers you have been informed about how to go about your project...

Friday, March 4, 2011

To my 5th std kiddos... (Hair washing Robot)

So time to address all ur complaints now... 10th exams are on its way, my paper's done... so u ll get ur dues now...
hmm so u ppl said nothing being put up for u... well, v did rocks and minerals recently- i hav put games on it... then v did body systems i had put games and also material abt how can u make those models and all and we also made them...

Now u can tell me wht u would like to know... by d way would u like to know abt hair washing robot...?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Games on Brain... and Ideas for making your science models...

Click on the following link...

@ Devika, u gonna love these sites as its on your favorite topic...
@ Aaryan, hope u taking care of your hand and not jumping around...
Information for model making is on the 2nd link...


Models... (You can use them for making all kinds of models...)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Science club...

Wow... We extracted DNA...

The 7th std kids did that... Believe me, People are going to envy u... and what results we got and mind u that too from household stuff... (Keep ur stuff we will take the pics...)

Gr8 Work everyone....!!! Kudos to all...!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Chameleon on granite... Camouflage




Basalt Rocks