Saturday, April 23, 2011

Praise for Skeleatal system presentation...

Hi everyone...!

Thought let me share the praise done for presentation that we have used...


Thank you very much for the presentation. I have extensively searched the internet for presentations on the skeletal system and this is by FAR the best.
I am using this presentation for our Year 7 in PHD (Personal health and Development). I am also doing the muscular systems you wouldn’t have a muscular system presentation as well? I would love to hear more about the activities you use as well.

Thank you for sending me the presentation,

Kind regards,

Chris Davies
Sheldon College
Brisbane Australia

Yes, this is fantastic. I teach children in Australia and this is just so interesting and detailed that the children would love it. Could you also email it to me if possible please…
- GailPunzalan

awesome! Anyway you could send it to my email? I found it super helpful!
- Jennfarr(Medical student,USA)

thanks to you but could you please d send me a copy to my e- mail. thanks in advance
- Dr. Noura El Tahawy, Dr. at Faculty of Medicine

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