Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Difference between Mitosis and Binary Fission

Difference between Mitosis and Binary Fission 
• Mitosis can only be seen among eukaryotes while binary fission occurs only in prokaryotes.
• Unlike the binary fission, mitosis can be considered as rather a complex process.
• Mitosis produces two genetically identical nuclei at the end, while binary fission will result in two separate, genetically identical cells.
• During mitosis, specialized structures such as mitotic spindle will be formed to assist in the process. But in binary fission no such structures are made.
• In mitosis, each DNA copy is attached to the mitotic spindle, but in binary fission copies of DNA is attached directly to the cell membrane.
• Mitosis involves only the division of the nuclei, whereas binary fission involves division of genetic material as well as the cytoplasm.

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