Monday, December 2, 2013

Reposting - Flower Assignment details for 8th

8A - flower asignment

You have to go to the link. Understand the explanation and answer questions on the W/S based on that. WE will be doing flower dissection based on this understanding and a quiz will be conducted.This activity will be done on coming Wednesday- 9.1.2013

More help...

Foe your help, one more time the groups and their flower:

Flower assignment - Groups and their respective flowers...

As discussed in the class following are your groups according to the roll no. for the above mentioned assignment. Every student in the group will get the flower.

1 - 6 : Hibiscus
7 - 12: Rajanigandha
14- 20 Spider Lilly
21 - 26: Tulip
27- 32: Orchid
33-38: Common Lilly (Pink)
39-44: Petunia or similar
45-48: Flower of your choice.(But with told criteria)

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